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El Bostan El Saeed Street (Share' El Bostan El Saeed) - شارع البستان السعيد

​Fiction - 15' - 2014

Nagui Chaker
Amgad Ryad
Noha El-Kholy
Moustafa Darwish

Maysoon El Massry
Maysoon El Massry
Ahmed El Emam

Assitant Director
Mohamed Zedan
Islam Kamal
Ahmed Magdy Morsy

Sound Designer & Mixing
Samir Nabil

Tamer Nady

Mohamad El-Hadidi

Production Manager
Ahmed Zayan​

Rufy's​ Films
Fig Leaf Studios
With the support of
The National Centre of Cinema


I wonder why she never visited me in my dreams since she has gone, at least so that I would be sure that she was really here and not just an illusion of the adolescence period!


Saied, a seventy-year-old man, goes back to the street, where he spent his childhood. He searches for everything that used to once exist there. He becomes a young manonce again. He rows a boat back home, his memories float everywhere around him till he arrives at his childhood street. He passes by the dilapidated houses searching for the house of his be loved Narges then he meets a postman who gets rid of the letters that he fails to deliver. They walk together to tell him his story.

Genre: Fiction

Format: HD 1920x1080

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Duration: 15 mins

Language: Arabic (Egyptian)

Subtitles: English

Country: Egypt

Year: 2014



Nov. 2015 - Arab Camera Film Festival in Rotterdam, Netherland.

Oct. 2015 - National Cinema Festival, Egypt.

Oct. 2015 - Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden.

Sep. 2015 - In Shorts Festival, London.

Jun. 2015 - Damascus Festival, Syria.

Jun. 2015 - EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

May 2015 - 11th Rencontres de l'image film festival in Cairo, Egypt.

Dec. 2014 - Bahamas International Film Festival in Bahamas.

Nov. 2014 - The Royal African Society's Annual Film Festival in London, UK.

Sep. 2014 - Melbourne Underground Film Festival in Australia

Jun. 2014 - Shorts Revisited in Zawya movie theatre in Cairo, Egypt

Jun. 2014 - Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt.

Apr. 2014 - Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival in Tetouan, Morocco.

Mar. 2014 - Luxor African Film Festival in Luxor, Egypt.



May 2017 - Best Short Film award in Masr Dot Bokra Film Festival, Egypt.

Oct. 2015 - Special Jury Prize in National Cinema Festival, Egypt.

Oct. 2015 - Best Short Film in Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden.

Mar. 2014 - Radwan El Kashef Award in Luxor African Film Festival in Luxor, Egypt.

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