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A 3 day advanced level workshop for documentary filmmakers who were working on character driven short documentary projects. The workshop focused on the creative aspects of story development like developing the main character, building the film’s structure and finding the story in the footage.



Alexandria, Egypt

Apr. [10 - 14], 2014
Led by:
Mia Fryland
Flemming Lyngse

Workshop Curator:
Mayye Zayed​
Organized by:
Rufy's Films

Hosted by:
Rufy's Films

Rufy's DocLab #1

The workshop was led by the two Danish documentary makers Mia Fryland and Flemming Lyngse. 8 filmmakers participated in the workshop with their short projects. One of the 8 projects developed into a feature documentary under the working title “Captain Ramadan.” It is directed by Amrosh Badr and produced by Rufy's with Mayye Zayed the producer and both Mia Fryland and Flemming Lyngse the executive producers.


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