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Alban Wady El-Neel - ألبان وادي النيل

​Fiction - 15' - 2013

Hassan Ragab
Sarah El Hawary
Nabil Nour El Dine
Reem Salem
Ahmed Nabil
Jihane El Taweel

Mohamad El-Hadidi

Editor/Assistant Director
Ahmed Magdy Morsy

Islam Kamal

Music/Sound Mixing
Samir Nabil

Sound Recorder
Sameh Nabil

Salma El-Dardiry

Ala'a Heikal

Mohamad El-Hadidi

Line Producer
Mark Lotfy

Production Manager
Nesreen Tala'at

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
In Co-operation With
Fig Leaf Studios


All messages reach...



Going through a journey in the streets of the empty city, except from him and his beloved, loaded with unsteady and contradictory feelings towards her, after their relationship had come to an end recently. Despite his belief that their separation is better for both of them, he could not get the idea of her passage before his eyes without even exchanging greetings.He runs in the streets of the empty city, trying to catch her; she on her tricycle and he, after her, on foot. Out of breath, he reaches the milk shop “Alban Wady El-Neel” at the end of his journey, unable to define what feelings he carries for her, any longer..


Genre: Fiction

Format: HD 1920x1080

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Duration: 15 mins

Language: Arabic (Egyptian)

Subtitles: English/French

Country: Egypt

Year: 2012



Feb. 2015 - Shorts Series Revisited Take #2 in Zawya in Cairo, Egypt

Jan. 2015 - 5th Festival Nomade in Quebec, Canada

Dec. 2014 - 18th National Film Festival For the Egyptian Cinema in Cairo, Egypt

Nov. 2014 - 5th Siliguri International Short Film and Documentary Contest in India

Aug. 2014 - 14th Seoul International NewMedia Festival in South Korea

Aug. 2014 - Golden Diana International Film Festival in Austria

Nov. 2013 - Arab Camera Filmfestival Rotterdam in Netherlands

Apr. 2013 - 9ème rencontres de l'image Film Festival in the French Institute in Cairo, Egypt

Nov. 2012 - 4th Plaza Project Films Premiere in Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt



2014 - Best Short Film - 18th National Film Festival For the Egyptian Cinema in Cairo, Egypt

2013 - Best Short Film - 9th Rencontres de l'image Film Festival in Cairo, Egypt

2012 - Best Screenplay  - Plaza Film Production Grant in Alexandria, Egypt


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