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We are an independent film production house and a collective of 5 filmmakers based in Alexandria, that dwells heavily on the quality, and the process of making a film and not only its commercial, profit-gaining value. Our main motivation is the passion about the filmmaking process and the drive to learn. However, we also provide commercial and corporate video production and other services


Rufy's Films was founded by a team of 6 filmmakers; Hend Bakr, Mohamad El-Hadidi, Ahmed Magdy Morsy, Nermeen Salem, Mayye Zayed and Mohamed Zedan. Originally, it was established by Mohamad El-Hadidi in April 2009 and was located in Gleem neighbourhood. Back then, Rufy's focused mainly on photography and organized many different film and art related workshops and activities. Then later the other 5 filmmakers joined Mohamad El-Hadidi and the office was moved to its current location in Kafr Abdo neighborhood. 


We have been producing and co-producing features and shorts in all genres since 2010, that have been screened and awarded in different film festivals all over the world, including the Berlinale, IDFA, AFI Fest, Tampere, Dubai and many more. Our first production was the short documentary Black Out and our first feature length film The Mice Room was in 2013.

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